646 downline members anyone?

Imagine being able to generate 646 brand new members into youreightsteps downline…

Imagine being able to add 30 people into your Mobe downline in just 30 days!

Imagine being able to add 25 people in 20 days into Pure Leverage!

or what ever program you are promoting…..

And imagine being able to build a list of over 25,000 people as a result.

See what I mean here:

-> http://innercircleriches.com/cpatsunami/video.php?id=31223
In this course I will literally hold your hand every step of the way

and show you exactly how I did all this.

This new step-by-step easy to follow training will allow you to

replicate all of my results…

And best of all it will allow YOU to never have to worry about
getting quality traffic by the truck load again!

See You There

Richard Weberg

P.S: Hopefully if your not to late and this link will still be active!

-> http://innercircleriches.com/cpatsunami/video.php?id=31223

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Create AMAZING inexpensive Splash or Squeeze Pages in MINUTES!

I love this inexpensive squeeze page creator, so simple anyone and I mean anyone can do it!!

If your anything like me, which is Im not a techie, I love marketing online, and over the last 12 years have done very well despite my tech handicap…lol

So I am always looking for programs or products that will help other tech challenged people, as well as anything that will help simplify ones marketing..And this squeeze page creator does just that, you can literally make splash or squeeze pages in no time, and you do not need any hosting..It even Creates your link for you..

Beautiful pages in minutes…

Over 200 full-page backgrounds…

Splash, squeeze or thank-you pages…

Fast-n-easy, point-n-click, fill-in-the-blank…

It only takes minutes…

Only $5.95 per splash or squeeze page you keep…

OR… upgrade…

And keep and create UNLIMITED pages!

And Splash Wizard fully hosts them all for you!

Simple inexpensive page creation at your fingertips

Visit my link here to join:

And the link below you can check out one of the squeeze pages I created to see more on how they look, from a non techie:) I created this to promote Mobe, one of the programs I make money with.


Have some FUN..It really is simple!

Until Next Time
Richard Weberg

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Did You Know there are 16,900 Traffic Exchanges?

Did You Know there are thousands of Traffic Exchanges online?

These exchanges will help you drive as much traffic to your site as you want..

I’m getting free targeted traffic every
day to my websites, and you could
be too, Totally free.

It’s totally free, easy, and fun.
There are a lot of really cool
exclusive features to help you
build your list and and get quality
traffic to your website totally free.

There are all kinds of cash give
aways as well as contests and
promotions to help you make money
online AND get high quality web
traffic. Trafficswirl has been one of my best converting I use.

==> http://trafficswirl.com/?rid=14360&ptsource=23 <==

If you are anything like me, you
need more traffic and leads to help
build your list and generate more
online sales, this is a totally
free method of getting traffic to
your sites and generating more sales.

It's as simple as that!

Thanks for your time!

Richard Weberg

P.S. As I said Trafficswirl is a free
traffic resource, but you can get even
more out of it by upgrading,
there are some really awesome
special offers when you log in
for the first time, I would highly
recommend one of these offers to
take your advertising to the next

==> http://trafficswirl.com/?rid=14360&ptsource=23 <==

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Easy remedy if you’re not at $4,000/mo yet…

Is all this making money online jazz stressful for
you at times?
No shame in that!

Usually though, the stress comes from lack of

There’s an EASY remedy for that here:


There’s also another big issue that often comes
up. It’s a REEEAAALLY BIG issue!!

And figuring this out can really give you confidence
AND peace of mind as you build up your profits.

Here’s the nasty issue:

Lack of Control.


Let thy explain…

It’s this “feeling” we get online that makes us
believe we’re so out of control.

This comes in to play several ways.

1) We feel a lack of control when we buy product
after product, and we don’t even go through the
course often times.

And we RARELY actually follow the course ’till
we’re successful with it.

The Remedy? Stop doing that!!!!

Seriously though, find out what you really want to
do, and then TURN OFF THE SWITCH on
everything else, no matter how sexy it looks, no
matter how much you feel like you’re missing out.

Does Donald Trump get Pissed Off if he misses a
big online product launch or WSO?

Heck no. And I’d say he’s doing just fine, even though
he’s totally missing out on these “opportunities”.

The power is in the focus of ONE THING.

2) Next, lack of control is felt when you are overwhelmed
and don’t think you can do it all.

And this is quite a legit issue. One that CAN be resolved

Here’s the thing, it takes a lot to build up a successful
online business.

The moving parts of a 6-7 figure online business would
boggle most minds.

And the deeper you get into this business, especially if
you’re a one man operation like most are at first, it’s
just too much to take in, break down into action steps,
and follow any realistic path to profits.

So here’s my question to you…

Why make it so hard?

This is the EXACT reason I teamed up with MTTB and
recommend the same to my top partners:


All of the “I can’t do it”, “I’m too overwhelmed” stuff has
already been taken care of!

When you don’t have to spend 3+ years building, testing,
creating products and funnels, growing key relationships,
going from $0 to $700, $50k, $400k, and then $1 million
a month, each step full of failures and setbacks…

When you can skip all of that, and just plugin to that
system somebody else built for you, the overwhelm, the
loss of power, all of that disappears.

You’re EMPOWERED with clarity, focus, confidence, and
you know just what you need to do in order to build your
dream lifestyle.

The next step is to simply DO IT.

Here’s the first easy step you need to take:

Watch the presentation to get started.

And let me know if I can help.


Richard Weberg

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7 Figure Earners Biggest Team Build Project Ever

What do three 7 figure earners and 25 multiple
6 figure earners have in common?

Besides the obvious. :-)

They’ve been secretly meeting and preparing
for the biggest team build project of their
long and prosperous online careers.

Okay, great for them, right?

But what about you?

You read that ‘team build’ part, didn’t you?

Look, not one of these leaders has ever
participated in a team build that failed.

They practically invented the process.

If you’ve never been involved with a truly
successful team build before…

You’re in for one heck of a joy ride.

All the way to the bank.

I’ll leave it at that because…

Action always speaks louder than words.

So take action now by clicking on the link
below and witness this first hand from the
inner circle.

Four Corners Alliance Group

You’ll be able to rub elbows with these 6
and 7 figure earners.

You’ll learn from them.

And, more importantly, you will earn from
their efforts and yours.

That, my friend, is what a team build is
all about.

Four Corners Alliance Group

Richard Weberg

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The 4 Corners Alliance Group Sleeping Giant

Come see how more than 30 leaders came together
to create a fool-proof plan to get you your
Financial Freedom in just 6 to 12 weeks.

Introducing the 4 Corners Alliance Group

Don’t worry… this won’t break the bank either.

And it won’t even take up much of your time.

After all, a good plan should be perfectly
suited for everyone. Am I right?

If you have not watched how this system works yet, go here now,
and you will be blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness
of the whole process..Be prepared to get really excited..

The 4 Corners Alliance Group

Consider what your life will be like when you
are no longer tied to a job that you don’t like.

Or a boss that you can’t stand.

Think how much better you’ll feel when you no
longer have to stress about the bills.

Or unexpected emergency expenses.

That’s what true Financial Freedom feels like.

And now, we’re going to show you how you can
FEEL that just 6 to 12 weeks from now.

And for the rest of your life.

Be there tonight and experience it for yourself.
The sleeping giant has really awaken!

The Four Corners Alliance Group

Richard Weberg

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This Traffic Course WILL Make You Money

No matter what online business you
are in, there’s one thing you can
NEVER get enough of…

That one thing, is website TRAFFIC.

Whether you pay for it or use free
methods, traffic is the driving
force of ANY business online…

If you could use MORE traffic,
and want to actually make some
money from it, you gotta see this…

Traffic Masters Academy

These are some of the
top affiliates in the world and
teaching these traffic methods.
(not Gurus, affiliates like you and me)

Affiliates are the true masters of traffic.

Paid traffic is the FASTEST way
to get RESULTS and involves a lot
LESS RISK than free methods…

When used correctly, you can get
an amazing ROI in a short time…

Whether you have a budget of
$10,000 or just $10, you can get
GUARANTEED traffic to your sites
within 24 hrs implementing any these strategies…

Traffic Masters Academy


Richard Weberg

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Turn website traffic splashes into floods of targeted visitors!

Do you have a raging torrent of targeted website traffic flooding
your site?

Or are your visitors trickling in?

I’ve discovered a site that’s owned and run by Paul Kinder
who is apparently one of the top traffic specialists in the
world today.

Traffic-Splash is a very high-profile program and it is well
worth getting in.

I buy over 25,000 visitors from them every month!
Dont know what a traffic exchange is?

Now, you can either upgrade straight away at half price,
earning 50% on all your referrals and any random referrals
that Paul generates for you, or you can join for free.

Whichever way you go Traffic-Splash, brings in a river of
referrals so it will be great exposure for your business,
helping you to:

* advertise your web business
* grow your opt-in list
* build your affiliate program
* provide resources to improve your advertising

Traffic-Splash is one of the best quality traffic exchanges
on the net and I think it’s a must have advertising resource.

Turn website traffic splashes into floods of targeted visitors!

=> http://www.traffic-splash.com/?referer=weberg69

Happy Splashing!

Warm Regards
Richard Weberg

PS Don’t forget that Paul is offering a half-price upgrade
right now.

500 targeted hits and a river of random referrals for just
16 cents a day.

=> http://www.traffic-splash.com/?referer=weberg69

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What Opportunity Would I Join & Why, if I had to start completely over?

I get bombarded with countless offers everyday,
for people to comp me in their biz opp if I will
promote it for them..

They skype me, email me, and yes, even get my
personal phone numbers and call me..I even get
stalkers..Yes, really..I have had several..

Sometimes its completely nuts!!

Now everyone who contacts me isn’t nuts, most are
genuine people looking for some help and
guidance, and here is what I get asked the most

What is the best Opportunity I ever Joined and

Well, I have been doing this for over ten years
now, and I have to say without a doubt..

If you took every cent I had, but you left me
with my intellect, knowledge, and skill, what
would I do?

What business or businesses would I actually join
and why? Here’s my two cents, take it for what
you find it’s worth.

If I had to start all over again, the first
business that I would eye would have to be
something that provided me with the lowest risk,
and the absolute biggest upside.

And it needs to provide you with the most
important tools for making money online..

A autoresponder and web hosting..See without
these two tools you can not make money while you
are sleeping or while you are mowing your lawn,
these two tools work for you 24/7…

So what program online offers these two tools
with no risk and is backed by the biggest and
best marketers?

This little baby right here..

and has a $1 sign up..Try it for seven days, do
you know how easy it is to promote that offer,
and make a killing..Pretty simple!

Especially when the company will pay you $100 for
every 5 $1 trials you bring in a week.

Seriously, the owner knows how to market, and
when people are making money, its a no-brainer!
They keep promoting..

This by far the best offer online..

If you know that this tool is the one thing that
every marketer MUST have and will never stop
paying for then the question that should come to
your mind is…

What’s the best paying autoresponder, and how can
I get it in front of as many people as humanly

Its right here..

See, once they have it…

They will NEVER ever get rid of it. It’s like
giving away the bank. Its the one tool no
marketer can be without!

Now once I had these tools, I would need to know
how to drive traffic and put it all together so I
couldnt lose, and had training I could share with
my new subscribers and signups..So where would I
go next?

Right here, definitely right here..

And then I’d hustle and tell the guy right behind me
the exact same thing.

Rinse, and repeat.

That’s what businesses I’d join and exactly why.

You can turn traffic and profits all day long
with these two programs, it wouldnt take me long
and I would be back on top making it happen, its
just one of those things, find a formula that
works, and go after it with everything you got,
and soon the cash flow is coming in, no more
worries..And Freedom to do the things you always
wanted to do..

See you soon..
Richard Weberg

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So what is a solo ad and how do they work?

A Solo Ad is a form of advertisement (a list “rental” if you will) that is sent out to an entire or portion of someone else email list, you usually pay for this ad by the click, meaning you buy so many guaranteed clicks (visitors). To get started with solo ads it will take some financial investment on your part.

Solo ads have been a practice for all successful internet marketers and have been around for years. This still remains one of the fastest ways to build your business and your own email marketing list.


Solo ads are sold in some guaranteed minimum number of clicks like 50, 100, 200, etc. You can purchase a solo ad at any level you want according to what the solo ad seller has available. The price range can be anywhere from .30 cents a click upwards to $1 or more per click. So if someone charges $.40 per click then a 100 click solo ad will cost you $40.


Buying solo ads can be one of the most cost effective ways to build your business and email marketing list extremely fast!!


Example: Let’s say you purchase a solo ad for $100 that gives you 250 clicks, that would cost you .40 cents a click. Now you get a 45% opt-in rate off of this solo ad, so this means when the solo ad seller sends your solo ad out, you would immediately add 112 people on your email marketing list. Now some of these people may purchase immediately from you, and some of these people may purchase something from you later on.


So let’s now say you have a good funnel or system set up, and so 6 of these new opt-ins purchase a product or service from you immediately, giving you a $20 commission from each, so you just made $120. You now reinvest this money to purchase another solo ad, you just keep repeating this process, this is exactly how people build massive email list very quickly and are always making money..


Here is the other magic about email marketing, many of these people who didn’t purchase immediately may purchase later, and some who did purchase now, may also later..So generally the profit you made today off of that solo ad in the long run, will pale in comparison to the total amount over the lifetime of your new subscribers you will make. Generally speaking as you get good at building a relationship with those people on your list, the higher per subscriber you will make. A email marketing list that has been well managed and taken care of can produce as much as $1 to $5 a month per subscriber (opt-in) or higher. So this means if you have 1000 people on your list, that should eventually produce for you $1000 to $5000 a month in profits.


This is why solo ads can be so very effective, they put people on your list very quickly, this give you people to sell to immediately and to sell to later as you learn to build a relationship with them.


Now like with any paid marketing strategy, testing is critical, before you purchase larger solo ads, make sure and buy smaller ones first to get your opt-in rate as high as possible. We are always trying to get above 40% and higher…Your subject line and ad copy are critical to this.

Split Test Everything, Meaning try different variations

You need to learn how to split test everything in your funnel. Split test your squeeze page. Split test your free offer. Split test the size and color and text on your button on your squeeze page. Split test the words that you use on your squeeze page. Split test the headlines on your squeeze page. Split test the wording of the email copy.In other words split test everything.

Why would you want to do this? Let’s say you spend $40 to purchase a 100 click solo ad. You get 40% of the clicks to subscribe to your list.

For $40 you just added 40 new subscribers to your list. That is a cost of $1 per subscriber. If you split test your squeeze page and improved it to the point where 55% of the clicks subscribe, then for that same $40 investment you would get 55 new subscribers. Your cost per subscriber has now decreased to just $.72 per subscribers.


If you eventually invested $2,000 to purchase 50 solo ads at a cost of $40 each, here is the difference you get by split testing and improving your squeeze page, and email copy.


Conversion Percentage Conversion Percentage
40% 800
55% 1,100

Let me give you some perspective on why you need to split test. If you did nothing to your initial squeeze page that is converting at 40% it would cost you $2,750 to get 1,100 subscribers. Improve the effectiveness of your squeeze page to 60% then it would cost you only $2,000 to get the same 1,100 subscribers. That is why you split test everything.


Lastly, invest in tracking software or program, use this to track all of your advertising and marketing.


Whether you are buying solo ads, pay per click ads, or using safelist, traffic exchanges, etc, you need to know the exact number of clicks you are receiving and the conversion of all your marketing campaigns..


So what is the best way to start testing the waters and purchase some solo ads?

Please see the recommended resources below to access many solo ad sellers, these are our top recommendations.




Facebook Solo Ads



Richard Weberg

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